Tristan Hemsworth Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Also, Tristan Hemsworth, born on March 18, 2014, is 9 years old as of 2023, American celebrity widely known as the child of the renowned figures Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. He shares a close-knit family with his twin brother, Sasha, and elder sister, India Rose.

 Tristan is one of the most celebrity kids and has gained immense fame and recognition at a very young age. If you want to learn more about him, including his net worth, age, height, weight, relationship, and biography, this post is perfect for you!

Who is Tristan Hemsworth?

Tristan Hemsworth famous because his dad is Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor in the Avengers movies! Tristan also has a famous mom, Elsa Pataky. Also, They’re a super cool family. Tristan has a twin brother named Sasha and a big sister, too. 

Also, He’s a regular kid who loves playing games and hanging out with friends. He’s still young, so he’s got lots of time to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up. But for now, he’s just having fun being a celebrity kid!

Tristan Hemsworth


Full Birth Name
Tristan Hemsworth.
Nick name
Famous For
Being the Son of Chris Hemsworth (Australian actor) & Elsa Pataky (Spanish Actress & Model).
Age (As of 2023)
9 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday
18 March 2014.
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Current Residence
Queensland, Australia.
1. American.
2. Australian.
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)
White Caucasian.


Early Life and Education 

Tristan Hemsworth had a fun and exciting early life! Growing up in a celebrity family, Tristan had many opportunities to explore and learn new things. But, He attended school like any regular kid, making friends and enjoying his studies.

His parents, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, always encouraged him to pursue his passions and supported him in his education. Tristan’s early life was filled with love, laughter, and many memorable experiences. But, Stay tuned to learn more about Tristan’s journey and how he’s making a mark in the world!

Parents and Siblings 

Tristan Hemsworth has an awesome family! His parents are Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, who are both famous actors. He also has a twin brother named Sasha and an older sister named India Rose. Tristan and his siblings are really close and love spending time together. 

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They have lots of fun playing games and going on adventures. Tristan’s parents are super supportive and always ensure their kids have a great upbringing. They are a loving and happy family who are always there for each other. 

Tristan Hemsworth Friends 

Tristan Hemsworth is lucky to have some fantastic friends in his life! Also, He enjoys spending time with them; they always have a blast together. Whether playing sports, going on adventures, or just hanging out, Tristan’s friends are always there to make him laugh and have fun. 

They support each other and create lifelong memories. Tristan knows the importance of friendship and cherishes the bond he shares with his friends. Also, They are a source of joy and support, and he is grateful to have such incredible people by his side.

Tristan Hemsworth Favourite Food 

Just like any other kid, Tristan Hemsworth has his favorite foods that he loves to devour! From pizza parties Also, with his siblings to indulging in ice cream on a hot summer day, Tristan enjoys all the tasty treats. 

He loves munching on crispy french fries, biting into juicy hamburgers, and savoring the cheesy goodness of mac and cheese.

Also,  And let’s remember his sweet tooth! Tristan adores digging into chocolate chip cookies and gobbling up gummy candies. Whether it’s a savory snack or a sugary delight, Tristan’s favorite foods will surely bring a smile to his face!

Tristan Hemsworth Favourite Games 

Tristan Hemsworth is a fun-loving kid who has a wide range of favorite games! He loves everything from racing video games to playing hide and seek. He enjoys challenging his friends to intense tag rounds and having friendly competitions in the backyard. 

Regarding board games, Tristan is a master strategist who always comes out on top. He also loves outdoor activities like soccer and basketball. 

No matter his game, Tristan always brings his competitive spirit and infectious energy. It’s clear that games are a big part of Tristan’s life, and he always has a blast playing them!

Tristan Hemsworth Social Media 

Tristan Hemsworth may be young, but he’s already making waves on social media! With his famous parents and adorable personality, Tristan has become a favorite among fans and followers. Also, You can find him on platforms like Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his everyday life and family moments.

Also, Tristan loves interacting with his fans and often posts updates on his latest adventures. Whether it’s a funny video or a cute photo, you can always count on Tristan to bring a smile to your face. So follow him on social media to keep up with this young superstar!

Tristan Hemsworth Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance 

Height (Tall)
Feet & Inches: 3′ 6″.
Kilograms: 19 Kg.
Shoe Size (US)
Eye Color
Hair Color


Tristan Hemsworth is a cool kid who is currently 9 years old as of 2023. He has much time to grow and develop at such a young age. Also, As for his physical appearance, Tristan is a normal and healthy child. His weight is 3 feet 6 inches and height 20kg. 

His eye color is Blue, Hair color is Blonde and Shoe Size is 3. Also, Tristan is full of energy and always ready for new adventures. With his charming smile and playful nature, he lights up any room he enters. Seeing how he transforms physically will be exciting as he continues to grow.

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Tristan Hemsworth Before Fame 

Before fame, Tristan Hemsworth was just a regular kid living his best life. He was always surrounded by love and support from his family. Growing up in the spotlight, he had the opportunity to witness the hard work and dedication that his parents put into their careers.

 Despite being born into a famous family, Tristan remained down-to-earth and focused on enjoying his childhood. He played with his siblings, made friends, and passionately pursued his interests. Tristan’s journey before fame was filled with laughter, love, and a sense of normalcy that any child would cherish.

Tristan Hemsworth Career 

Tristan Hemsworth may only be 9 years old, but he already has a bright future ahead of him! While he’s still young and figuring out his passions, Tristan has already shown glimpses of his potential. 

With his famous parents as role models, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry like his mom and dad. Whether acting, singing, or even exploring other creative avenues, Tristan has many options.

 No matter what path he decides to take, one thing is sure: Tristan’s career is bound to be filled with success and excitement!

Tristan Hemsworth Net Worth

At just 9 years old, Tristan Hemsworth is already a rising star in the entertainment world. While his net worth is not publicly disclosed, his celebrity status and family connections have brought him some financial opportunities. 

With famous parents like Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, Also, Tristan is no stranger to the spotlight. His net worth is expected to increase as he continues to grow and explore his interests. With his charming personality and bright future, seeing what lies ahead for this talented young celebrity is exciting!

Tristan Hemsworth Future Plains 

In the future, Tristan Hemsworth has endless possibilities! At just 9 years old, he has many opportunities waiting for him. Also, Whether he decides to follow in his parent’s footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry or explore a different passion, Tristan’s future is full of excitement and potential. 

With his charming personality and supportive family by his side, there’s no doubt that Tristan will make his mark in whatever path he chooses. As he grows older, we can’t wait to see what amazing things Tristan will accomplish and his impact on the world. The future is bright for this talented young celebrity!


  • Playing sports: Tristan loves sports and enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He’s always ready for a game and loves the thrill of competition.
  •  Exploring the outdoors: Tristan is an adventurous kid who loves exploring the great outdoors. Whether going on nature hikes or camping trips, he enjoys immersing himself in the beauty of nature.
  • Gaming: Like many kids his age, Tristan enjoys video games. He loves playing racing, action-adventure, and anything that immerses him in a virtual world.
  • Reading: Also, Tristan has a growing love for reading and enjoys getting lost in the pages of exciting stories and imaginative tales. But, Whether it’s a fantasy novel or a mystery book, he loves expanding his knowledge through reading.
  • Music: Tristan has recently developed an interest in music. But, He enjoys listening to various genres and has started learning to play musical instruments. Also, He’s learning to play the guitar and enjoys experimenting with different melodies.
  • Art and crafts: Tristan loves expressing his creativity through art and crafts. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or making DIY projects, he enjoys using his hands to create beautiful and unique artworks.
  • Cooking and baking: Tristan has a budding passion for cooking and baking. But, He loves experimenting in the kitchen, trying new recipes, and creating delicious treats for his family and friends.
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Interesting Facts About Tristan Hemsworth

  • Also, Tristan Hemsworth is a huge fan of superheroes, just like his dad, Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor in the Avengers movies.
  • Also, He has a pet dog named Max, his best friend and constant companion.
  • He is a philanthropist and is actively involved in various charitable activities. Also, Tristan has a soft spot for helping children in need and animals.
  • Tristan is a big foodie and enjoys trying different cuisines. Also, His favorite food is sushi, and he loves trying new flavors and dishes.
  • Also, He is an avid reader and has a growing collection of books. Tristan’s favorite genres include fantasy and adventure.
  • Also, Tristan has a great sense of humor and loves making people laugh. He’s always cracking jokes and coming up with funny anecdotes.
  • He has a deep love for nature and is passionate about environmental conservation. Also, Tristan believes in the importance of protecting the planet for future generations.
  • Tristan is an excellent swimmer and enjoys spending time in the water. Also, He loves playing water sports and learning new swimming techniques.
  • He is a talented musician and is learning to play the guitar. Also, Tristan enjoys strumming tunes and experimenting with different melodies.
  • Also, Tristan is a technology enthusiast and loves exploring the latest gadgets and apps. He’s always up to date with the latest tech trends.
  • Also, These exciting facts give us a deeper insight into Tristan’s personality and the many facets of his life. He is a multi-talented and compassionate young boy with a bright future ahead of him.


How old is Tristan Hemsworth?

Tristan Hemsworth is currently 9years old as of 2023. He was born on March 18, 2014.

Who are Tristan Hemsworth’s parents?

Tristan’s parents are Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, both famous actors.

Does Tristan have any siblings?

Yes, Tristan has a twin brother named Sasha and an older sister named India Rose.

What are Tristan Hemsworth’s favorite foods?

Tristan enjoys indulging in pizza, hamburgers, mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and gummy candies.

What are Tristan Hemsworth’s favorite games?

Tristan loves playing racing video games, hide and seek, tag, soccer, basketball, and board games.

 Is Tristan active on social media?

Tristan can be found on Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his everyday life and family moments.

What are Tristan’s plans?

As a young child, Tristan has a world of opportunities ahead of him. Also, He may follow in his parent’s footsteps in the entertainment industry or explore other passions.

How can I keep up with Tristan Hemsworth’s latest updates?

You can follow Tristan on social media, particularly Instagram, to stay updated on his latest adventures.

What is Tristan Hemsworth’s net worth?

While his net worth is not publicly disclosed, Tristan’s celebrity status and family connections have brought him financial opportunities.

What makes Tristan Hemsworth unique?

Tristan is a talented young celebrity with a bright future ahead. Also, He has a loving family, supportive friends, and a charming personality that has won the hearts of many.


In this blog post, we have explored the life of Tristan Hemsworth, a 9 years old as of 2023, American celebrity. Also, Born into a famous family, Tristan is already making waves at a young age. We learned about his parents, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, and his close relationship with his siblings.

 Tristan’s early life, education, and interests were also highlighted, giving us a glimpse into his world. As he grows older, Also, Tristan has a bright future ahead of him, with endless possibilities. 

We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes and the impact he will make. Stay tuned for more updates on this talented young celebrity!

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